Other How To Tips

This page will walk you through the process of using the various forms of Web 2.0 tools and other things that we will be using throughout the year.

In order to use VoiceThread, follow the link above.  
  1. Log in to your account (we did this on the second day of school).  If you are not registered you will have to create an account using a non-gmail address.  You can make one up as you don't need it to gain a password or confirm registration. 
  2. Have a script ready for your topic.  Remember to make sure that the text is meets the requirements for the assignment.  
  3. Select the images that you want to use.  Each assignment has a certain number that I would like for you to use, so please make sure that you are following the directions for that.  
  4. Decide which picture is going to be used with which piece of text.  Remember that each picture should have text with it, so you will want to break your script at certain points.
  5. Click "record" and read your script.  When you are finished, simply click "stop recording."  After you click "stop recording," it will start an automatic playback.  Listen to it.  If you like it, save it.  If you don't, delete and start again.
  6. If you wish to use the "doodle" feature, know when you want to use it in your script and where you want to insert the doodle.  I would use a mouse to use the doodling.  I have found it to be easier and more accurate.
  7. Once you have decided that your effort is worthy of publication, the final page will give you a series of publication options.  Choose "embed" and copy the code that you find there.  Open up your blog and post the entry by embedding the code into the "post" section.  Be sure to include a little introduction to it by typing in what the topic of thread is.  This should come before the embed code.