Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"I thought you said not to cross the streams?"

Today, was the first day for students to enter my classroom at Triton Regional High School.  It was my opportunity to introduce to them really what to a greater or lesser extent I had been working my students toward for the past three years.

"Please take out your cell phones."  I got a number of astonished looks around the room.  "It's OK," I had to tell them.  "We are going to be a pilot program in the school for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)." The stunned looks continued back at me.

But the fact that those looks were not followed by anything surprised me.  I thought for sure that there would be some kind of reaction beyond stunned.  I don't know what kind of reaction I was expecting, but it was more than that.

Maybe we have so indoctrinated our students that the technology they have is only for outside of the classroom that they were reluctant to "cross the streams" in a sense?  Maybe we have done such a "good job" convincing them to leave their technology at home or to hide in their bags, that they are now doubtful of a teacher telling them that it is OK for them use the power that they have in their hands?  Maybe, after they see the power that they have and create some things with them, they will realize that there is "definitely a very slim chance they'll survive"?

 We will see what tomorrow shall bring.

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