Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Power of PLN

It is always flattering when other people recognize the contributions that you make to whatever organization you are a part of.  But when posts that you make are recognized by people beyond your four little walls, you realize the power of your PLN.  Really the only reason that I had made the post in the first place was in response to a tweet by @ about her recommendation for people to use as a mind map tool for students.  I realized that I had something to contribute and thought that I owed it to her and the others who might want to try to show an example of what my students had created that day in class.

But when my post made "The History Teacher's Daily" for today (April 28), I was more than a little surprised.  More often than not, I feel as I am posting for myself, which is perfect for me, because it helps me reflect on how well the day went.  But knowing that I may be helping people that have never met me, and may never meet me, is very empowering.  I am thrilled to be a part of Twitter and to blog even a little bit (if not as much as I should) because it allows me to help people and, more importantly, people to help me.

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