Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Opportunity for Students to Show What They Can Do

Every time I fire up my computer (which my wife seems to think is every hour on the hour), I always manage to find my way to Richard Byrne's "Free Technology for Teachers" site.  The times where I don't find something worth somehow incorporating into my classroom are few and far between.  I find myself always wondering how I would use whatever his latest post (and he makes any number of them everyday) with whatever I am teaching at the moment.

This afternoon was no different, except that what I found was an opportunity for my students to display their creativity, which I can only hope that I have helped to cultivate this year.  This link in the title will take you an explanation for a new contests for students to use web-tools to create a 90-second video in which they help others learn something new.  It would appear that the topic could be just about anything, and there are more specific rules at the page, but I will be walking in to my classes tomorrow encouraging them to be a part of it.

Oh yeah, there's a contest for teachers as well.

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