Monday, September 27, 2010


I don't know if I have talked about this before, and if I have, forgive me for the repetition. I love working with the people that I do. I love that people are willing to try new things, and even "steal" them from each other if they find that they serve their purposes just as well.

This is what students need to see in their teachers. They need to know that what we are asking them to do is something that we are excited to do as well, that we are excited to work together and share the information that we have. Our students need to know that we love learning as much as we are asking them to. Allowing us and encouraging us to work together is one of the greatest learning opportunities we could give them.

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Ms_Herzl said...

Hmm, perhaps you're referring to me here? I enjoy working with you too, you come up with so many great ideas to "steal." Maybe someday I'll have one you want to steal.

I agree that students feed off the enthusiasm (or lack there of) and that sets the tone for your class/lesson.