Friday, September 17, 2010

Time to Reflect

I feel that time is like the weather. Everybody argues about not having enough of, but nobody does anything to change it. So no excuses for not posting about yesterday. I just didn't have time. Those of you out there who are keeping track can take a point off if you would like to.

I was inspired todby by an insight that one of my students was able to come up with in our discussion of the Boston Massacre. We were discussing whether or not it was truly a massacre, or did Sam Adams and the Sons of Liberty simply hype it out of proportion. When, from seemingly out of no where, one of my students came up with the thought that it was merely a riot and not a massacre. Now, the inspiration did not come from the statement, but from the student that it came from. This student had to this point (yes, even this early in the year) seemed withdrawn from the class. This student had not handed in either of the assignments to this point and I was becoming a little scared as to what might happen for the rest of the year. After that statement, while I am still nervous about what is to come, I am at least heartened, not to say inspired (at least for the weekend) by the fact that the student was focused and paying attention enough to make that insight. This was a good day.

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