Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Surprises Around Every Corner

So, today I introduced one of my classes to Google Docs (don't worry, the rest of you get it tomorrow) and it was such a great experience watching their eyes light up as they realized what they were typing was showing up on the machine next to them.  I made sure that each of them was typing in a different color so that they could see what the other members of their group were adding and changing and suggesting.  Just a great time to be a teacher.

The other exercise of going over the similarities and differences in colonial America was just as interesting, if not as entertaining.  Listening to them throw out answers about what colonies were in New England and the Middle Atlantic region was the most interesting part.  Watching them help each other in groups was great.  The groups that succeeded the most were the ones that worked the most together and did not simply rely on one person to figure out the answers.

We'll see what happens when everyone else gets to see Google Docs tomorrow.  I am excited to see how it plays out.

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